Al-Taqwa Company for Quarrying business is using modern equipments to extract high density ore dolomite rocks where the density of the rocks ranging from 1.6 to 2.5 kg/square centimeter. These rocks are distinguished with high degree of purity from dust, impurities and geological defects that make the rocks unable to withstand the stresses and the pressure.

Also these rocks are used in the asphalt plants, and that is through the infrastructure works of new roads and some of it is mixed with fuel oil for the purpose of paving roads.

There are other sized that are used in concrete bricks factories. And others are mixed with industrial colors to produce Interlock products which are used in new road paving for pedestrian, parks and aesthetic destinations


Sizes List as follows:-

M Type’s name Size Uses
1 Size type lens Ranging between (0:3 mm) Interlock Industry
2 Size type tine 1 Ranging between (8 mm:12 mm) Industry of cement bricks
3 Size type tine 1.5 Ranging between (13 mm: 18 mm) Ready-mixed concrete
4 Size type tine 2 Ranging between (19 mm: 22 mm) Ready-mixed concrete and asphalt
5 Size type tine 3 Ranging between (25: mm: 30 mm) Infrastructure works and preparation for the paving
6 Size type tine 6 Ranging between (45 mm: 60 mm) Reclamation and slushing works

We can control these sizes through controlling the classification slots and sorting according to the clients desire and market requirements.