Al-Taqwa Co. for Import & Export

An Overview about Al-Taqwa Co. for Import & Eport

Al Taqwa Company of Import & Export was found recently and considered as a Service Company for Al-Taqwa Co. for Quarrying business and also supply the local market with the requirements of the quarry companies and breakers.

The Company is working on two main activities:-

  • 1.Importing heavy equipment tires Magna Brand (MAGNA Tires) Dutch- made high quality withstand temperatures in the high atmosphere. Well as soil friction resistance, cutting resistance against hard rocks in the unpaved land, and this is due to the history of the company in the industry which is more than seventy years of experience. It emulates the international brands as Michelin and Bridgestone, as it approaches them too much in terms of quality in addition to the suitable price in comparison with the international brands

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  • 2. Conveyor rubber beltings of quarantine material high quality international Mark Johnson Rubbers, as it is 100% natural rubber and built inside layers of natural silk, which gives it the high tensile power strength ranging from 315 tol 2,000 KN/m, and this according to the layers compact. Also sizes that are ranging from 60 cm to 140 cm and of its advantages is that it resists elongation and corrosion as a result of friction and weather factors, as it is used in the giant crushing and cement plants.

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